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I have been involved in music and audio for 34 years. I started out as a drummer in southern New Mexico and then moved to San Francisco in the late 80’s where I experienced moderate success with my first two bands, The Sextants and Seven Day Diary. I was exposed to making records with producer/engineers Larry Hirsch (Los Lobos, John Hiatt, Bonnie Raitt), Joe Chicarelli (Frank Zappa, Tori Amos, American Music Club, White Stripes) and Gil Norton (Echo and the Bunnymen, Foo Fighters, Counting Crows). These guys got me excited about the record making process. In 1994 I began my journey on the "other side of the glass" when it came to trading drum sticks for faders. That journey has taken me through a series of fantastic recording experiences, working with a combination of artists you know, as well as many who you may not know.  

These are artists I have either mixed, recorded, mastered or produced in some combination of making records at recording studios or live for broadcast at radio stations.

The Record Company, Steve Earl, The Struts, Brett Dennen, August Churchill (Rich GIrls), Secret Town, Spider Heart, Negative Press, Oriel Poole, Stages of Sleep, Saga and Jefferson, Matchbox 20, Shawn Colvin, The Dunwells, BoDeans, The Shins, New Diplomat, Death Cab for Cutie, Tori Amos, Florence + The Machine, World Party,  Thomas Dolby, Keb Mo, Amos Lee, Bruce Hornsby,  Everest, Ray Lamontagne, The Jayhawks, Tim Robbins and the Rogues Gallery Band, Katie Herzig, Zee Avi, Black Furies, Ziggy Marley,  Givers, The Samples, Michael Zisman's Americano Social Club, Joan Osbourne, Dar Williams, Scars on 45, Big Head Todd and The Monsters, Civil Wars, Sarah Bareilles,  Trevor Hall, Shawn Mullins, Imelda May, The Kooks,  George Thorogood, Jessica Lynn Mayfield,  Marcus Shelby Jazz Orchestra, Hermann Lara, Andrew Heringer Band, Denim TV, Golden Gram, Jerry Stucker, Sean O'Brien and His Dirty Hands, Saving Cadence, Alexis Harte, Austin Willacy, Brian Cline Band, Chi Chi Palace, Cubby Creatures, Davis Jones, Dialectic, Dolly Rocker, Dolores Haze, Drew Gasparini, Everything Nothing,  Go Go Galaxion, Heidi Jane, Houston Jones, James Low, Killing Floor,  M. K. O'Toole, The Welcome Matt, Matt Langlois, Matthew, Nicky Depaola, Pollux,  Rod Washington Moore,  Spackle,  Steve Kirk Pop, Steven Emerson, Terese Taylor, The House Jacks, The Junes, Todd Walton, Veer, Zachary Ross & Desolation Angels.....

Here is a list of musical artists that I've played drums with either live or on record.

The Sextants, Brennan Hester, Seven Day Diary, Nancy Hess, Ken Weller, Go Go Galaxion, The Welcome Matt, James Low, Sean O'Brien & His Dirty Hands, Scott Solter, Drew Gasparini, Austin Willacy, Sasha Zand, Secret Town, The Smokin Jays, Debra Crooks.