Mixing is one of my favorite parts of the record making process. It's a chance to shine a light on the hard work you have put into a recording and I take it very seriously.  I don't care if you recorded your project in your bathroom on Garageband or at Abby Road, I am available to anyone for mixing. My rates are affordable and not out of reach. 

How do we START? 

I always like to start with a phone call, Facetime or Skype session. It's a chance for you to share the details of your project with me verbally and it's a chance for me to find out what's important to you with regards to the mix. It also gives me the opportunity to put a face with the music. We can figure out budget and timeframe. Next I'll have you upload your tracks to me.  I'll do the first version of a mix then send you a copy to hear it in your favorite listening environments without the pressure of being on the clock, in a studio or in an unfamiliar listening space.

What if I want to make some changes? 

If you want to have more or less reverb, snare drum, vocals etc, No problem! Revision requests are either made via email, phone or video chat. 

Do you charge by the hour or by the song? 

 I charge by the song so you know how much it will cost up front. This allows me to work however many hours I need to to achieve the results I'm accustomed to. My mixing fee is determined by how many songs I'll be mixing, the track count in each song and the condition of those tracks. Some tracks need major surgery while others are well recorded and just need a good balance.

Do you mix on a console or in the box/computer?

I mix "in the box" using either Pro Tools, Logic or Studio One with plug ins from Universal Audio, McDSP, Massey, Soundtoys, Vallhalla DSP, Slate and Izotope.  

My attitude toward the idea you must use a large format console for mixing is this, as long as the meal tastes good, nobody cares what stove you cooked it on. Mixing in the box has many advantages. It allows me to recall a mix without needing to reset an army of knobs every time you want to make a change. It allows me to jump from song to song. The costs involved in using a console (electric bill, maintenance, replacement parts, etc...) are much higher and without those costs I'm able to keep my costs affordable. 

What kind of music do you mix? 

I work on any kind of music. 

Can I hear examples of your work? 

You bet. Check these out.