Mastering | AUdio Cleanup


Mastering is your last chance to have a fresh set of professional ears do a quality control check on your mixes before they are released. A mastering engineer has that "10,000 foot view" or "Forest for the Trees" view of the music. They were not involved in the struggle to get that music made and therefore have a sonically and emotionally objective view that nobody (including the mix engineer) has of the music. They listen in a room that has been acoustically tuned on a set of high end speakers. With a combination of equalization, dynamics processing, and L & R balance adjustments, they insure that the music will sound it's best or "translate" as we like to say, on as many different formats and systems as possible. Whether your music is downloaded from iTunes, streamed on Spotify or played from CD it's my job to make sure it sounds as good as it can on all of those situations. 


I always recommend we have a Skype or phone consultation first. I take your music very seriously and after listening to your mixes if I think there are any issues that cannot be solved in mastering I will alert you to those in case a mix revision is necessary before we start. 

All mastering I do is unattended. You'll need to send me your mixes as WAV or AIFF files. Those files need to be stereo interleaved files, at 24 bit and 44.1kHz or higher. Please do not send MP3 files! Have your mix engineer leave a little headroom for me to work with. Please don’t limit your mixes, and try to make sure there is no clipping or distortion on them.

Please prepend the two-digit track number to your file names so I can know the order and have correct song names and spelling. 

For example....

  • 01_You_Can’t_Always_Get_What_You_Want.wav
  • 02_Redemption_Song.wav
  • 03_Allison.wav


$75.00 per song. 


  • One round of revisions.
  • 24 bit or 16 bit digital WAV files.

Additional Services

  • DDP file for CD replication: $100
  • CDR master: $100 per disc including shipping. 
  • Instrumental versions: $25 per track


Payment can be by credit card via Square or PayPal.

Full payment is required before I deliver the final files.

Audio Cleanup


My expertise is the ability to take audio recordings of all types that are obscured by noise, physically damaged or exist on an outdated format no longer available and bring them back to life. This includes.

  • Analog to digital transfers- cassettes, vinyl, reel to reel, obsolete formats, etc. transferred to CD, MP3, .WAV or Cloud Based service.
  • Digital Audio Cleanup - Intelligibility Enhancement, Noise Removal, Hum Removal, De-Clipping, De-Clicking, Spectral Repair
  • Mastering - What some call "sweetening". The applying of mild amounts of compression/limiting, equalization and other audio tools in order to bring out the best of an an existing recording.
  • Restoration- Baking of old analog tapes damaged by moisture to prepare for analog to digital transfer.

I've worked on a variety of projects the cover audio cleanup for videographers, precious recordings of deceased relatives, law enforcement recordings and corporate presentations,. Read more on my work with the San Francisco Public Defenders office and how Izotope RX helps in that work.

Please note:

With the exception of law enforcement ,  I do not work on personal recordings made without the approval of all of the parties involved. Please see for more information.